Written Words

A collection of blog articles written by myself as well as those written by others that eloquently express what I want to say.

I asked 12 scientists: What Is The One Fact Humanity Needs To Know?                                                        By Tom Chivers, BuzzFeed, August 2015

Pressing FIRE on the most powerful laser in the world, bringing research to reality                      International Year of Light 2015 Blog, March 2015.

Bringing the power of lasers to the public                                                                                                               by Chris Hatherill, Light 2015 UK blog, Feburary 2015

We try to bridge the gap between pop culture and science by teaming up with open-minded venues, artists, musicians, DJs and other creative types – and those in the scientific realm who ‘get’ why this is so important.” Chris Hatherill, founder of and creative mastermind behind pop-science initiative Super-Collider

#sheblindedmewithscience                                                                                                                                      blog series by Science Grrl, November 2014

Girls can’t do physics? How schools are failing to tackle gender stereotypes                                                by Samira Shackle, New Humanist Magazine, December 2013.

STFC blog entry                                                                                                                                                      written while I took part in the ‘I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here’ competition. March 2011


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New Humanist magazine, Physics column

I contribute articles to the New Humanist magazine physics column, new issues out every season.

Into the Blue,

Summer 2015 edition. Celebrating the awarding of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics to the inventors of the blue LED

Capturing Pluto

Autumn 2015 edition. Physics discoveries that made it onto global news desks on 14th July 2015

Build your own supernova

Autumn 2014 edition. Using super powerful lasers to generate minuture supernova explosions in the lab