I’ve long had an active interest in the arts and am often captivated in how they communicate complex feelings, emotions and reactions using concepts that are inviting, not intimidating.

I believe they are the perfect platform to communicate science. Not just the facts and the knowledge, but the emotion and interest behind scientific discovery and creativity.

The marriage of science and art is a powerful one.

Scientific Art and Artistic Science


(L -> R) Artist Alistair McClymont, me, Chris Hatherill (founder Super/Collider) and physicist-turned-economist Arthur Turrell

‘Science as art’ collaboration, 2015-

Extending the partnership with Alistair McClymont outside of the residency, I am a massive supporter of his ideas to portray scientific output as art. We have already spoken about this collaboration at the Royal Society and plan to do more public talks soon. Here’s his blog.

My goal with this project is to investigate the strong similarity I see between scientists and artists, I wanted to do this by taking part in their experiment. My hypothesis is that both ultimately search for truth and both see beauty in that truth.” Alistair McClymont, 2015

Plasmas in your pocket, 2015

Using money I won during the ‘I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here’ competition, I partnered with Super-Collider to design a range of beer mats that featured photos of plasmas captured high power laser interactions.beermats_final

They’ve been spread far and wide across the UK and have even reached Australia!

See the write-up on the I’m a Scientist website.


Beam Time residency, 2014

Partnered with The Arts Catalyst and ArtsQuest to establish a 3 month research residency at the Central Laser Facility.

Alistair McClymont was chosen from over 60 applicants to engage with the staff and carry out a research placement to learn about the science at the CLF.

‘Making a Universe’ event at Somerset House,  hosted by Arts Catalyst.