In the spotlight

In the spotlight – a collection of talks, interviews and presenting experiences

Accelerating Innovation with the World’s Most Powerful Lasers (30 min), keynote talk for CERN@School event at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, 2016

Your Life YouTube channel, ‘Guess Work’


Your Life YouTube channel,

‘Guess Work: the reveal’


STFC Industry Innovation through
Imaging, 2014: business and development
access at the Harwell Campus


Science in a different light youtube
series, 2014: an introduction to the
Central Laser Facility

Science Grrl interview, 2014:
on being an experimental physicist

She Blinded Me With Science, 2014: music video produced in collaboration with The Violet Transmissions and Science Grrl

What would you do with the most powerful laser in the world, lecture filmed in the Faraday lecture theatre of the Royal Institution, 2014

Super Intense Laser, Backstage Science Youtube series, 2011: a look around the Vulcan laser