About me

Dr Ceri M Brenner, MA (Oxon), MInstP

I’m a physicist and passionate public speaker.

I believe that being a physicist requires creative curiosity and that innovation comes from imagination.

I work on the border of research and innovation, alongside leaders in the field of high power laser plasma physics as well as with academics and technical directors within some of the UK’s largest R&D companies. See Research to Reality

I contribute to physics outreach and communication whenever I can through radio, TV, Youtube, twitter, public talks and campaign groups. See Edutainment.

Founding member of the ScienceGrrl initiative, whose message is ‘Science is for everyone’.

Chair of the Thames Valley Branch of the British Science Association, where we plan events in and around the Reading area.

Treasurer for the Institute of Physics Plasma Physics Group, which supports the UK plasma physics community in hosting workshops, conferences and conducting outreach.

Founder and director of the Students@Harwell network, bringing together the student community across the site of the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire.

Tweeting here: @ceribrenner

Passionate about my profession
I was never quite sure what I wanted to aim for in terms of a specific career and that was one of the main reasons why I stuck with physics, as it kept so many career options open to me. I toyed with the idea of going into musical theatre at one point and then I thought I was interested in the business and financial world but also wanted to do something that really contributed to wider society and the future. I was quite indecisive on this topic.
One thing for sure, though, was that I never imagined I would become a physicist and didn’t even really think of it as a profession until getting to University.

This is one of the reasons why I think it’s really valuable to portray to young people the various types of careers available in STEM as I really didn’t come across it in my schooling but it’s a career that delivers a whole heap of benefits that I would have strived for, had I known.

Provides: opportunities for global travel, intellectual stimulation, the feeling of giving back to society, an area of expertise and being among experts, variation.

Involves: communication, project management, measureable progress, teamwork

Requires: creativity, diplomacy, dedication, confidence